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Let 4D budget easily predict your spendings.



 We believe that keeping the household budget should be above all quick and easy. Otherwise, you will not use such a program after a few days. On the other hand, little is needed to lead such a budget. If you know for what you spend money, you'll also know how to save them. That's all. Without putting money into the virtual envelopes. It's good for our grandmothers.
  So we focused on the simplicity and convenience, here are points that you should pursue:

1. Enter your income, including those anticipated.
2. Keep up to date your expenses (enter or import from the bank) and assign them to categories.
3. After a month or two, watch the charts.



At a glance



  • Predicting Cash Flow based on the past months expense data
  • Easily record and categorize your day to day incomes and expenditures
  • Instantly see where your money is going graphically
  • Easily drag and drop graphs to other apps - then you can mail it to your mate :)
  • Amazing Reporting Tool
  • Versatile banking data import tool - most important feature of financial program
  • Quickly add new categories and sub categories
  • Protect your privacy and define password
  • Rapidly export data to Numbers, Excel or other programs. Your data is not in jail.
  • Your data is stored in professional database capable to handle millions entries


    Helpful Informations


    4D Budget application contains all functions of 4D Expenses, plus those that are related to incomes, and their comparison with the expenditures - cash flow. Also some professional tools for experienced users. Therefore, on this page we discuss only what is not in the 4D Expenses.



    Adding Incomes

    • Press button "Manage Incomes"
    • Just press the Add button on left top side of list of Incomes.
    • Enter date of payment
    • Enter amount
    • Choose Payer pop-up, but if you want to add new one, use PLUS sign to the right.
    • Choose/add Description if needed. Here you enter for what you get paid.
    • Fill Memo if it's important. You can ente here anything important or left this field empty.
    • IMPORTANT! If you select Recurring, it will create the same payment every month until the end of the year.

    • aaa
      Pay attention to the Recurring checkbox.
      Inome can be paid or not.


    Export and Import from 4D Expenses


    You can use the data collected in 4D Expenses. To do this, run the progran 4D Expenses and perform export of three tables: Expenses, Categories and Sub Categories. Then close 4D Expenses, run 4D Budget and import all 3 files.



    At first, made export for every table (Expenses, Categories and Sub Categories) to 3 disk files. At each export be sure to select ALL columns to export.

    Also import 3 times your data choosing right table. ( Do not bother about bank import info) For each file, remember select all the columns.




    Report Generator


    For those who wanting to.

    You can create sophisticated reports using professional report generator.
    At first it may be a bit difficult, but the effort will pay off. Pdf instructions enclosed here».





    We will try to correct all errors reported by you. Moreover, we also give you free email support. The only requirement is to describe the problem in the Review on the Mac App Store and send us an email on this.


    I hope you'll find this App useful. If you have any comments helping to deploy updates please write on apps(at)dag.pl

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