Let 4D Expenses easily record and categorize your day to day expenditure.


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    We believe that keeping the household budget should be above all quick and easy. Otherwise, you will not use such a program after a few days. On the other hand, little is needed to lead such a budget. If you know for what you spend, you'll also know how to save them. Without putting money into the virtual envelopes. It's good for our grandmothers.


    4D Expenses at a glance


  • Versatile banking data import tool - most important feature of financial program
  • Quickly add new categories and sub categories
  • Instantly see where your money is going graphically
  • Easily drag and drop graphs to other apps - then you can mail it to your mate :)
  • Customize categories on the fly!
  • Protect your privacy and define password
  • Rapidly export data to Numbers, Excel or other programs. Your data is not in jail.
  • Request a changes. We will consider them all.


    Helpful Informations



    Adding Expenses

    • Just press the PLUS button below list of expenses.
    • Enter date of receipt
    • Enter amount
    • Choose main category from pop-up, but if you want to add new one, use PLUS sign to the right.
    • Choose/add sub category if needed.
    • Fill Description if it's important.


    Bank Data Import

    Each country and even each bank has different standards for the export of financial information of it's customers through the csv format. Therefore, we have a powerful tool able to import various bank files. This tool is built into the 4D Expenses now You can import any text file where data is separated with special signs (CSV or others).



    Your data is disordered. At first, count the rows that should be omitted. Stars represent significant things to do.

    Enter line number to start import.

    Choose column separator used by bank. Usually comma or semicolon
    Just press IMPORT
    Make last touch by deciding what to import. Click column headers and choose right fields or 'Not imported'. Import only Date, Amount, and Description. .Name and save the settings. The next time you can just load them.  




    Managing Categories

    You can modify your categories and sub categories by browsing Categories located at Admin menu. If you double click on particular category, you can see it's subcategories.

    Categories are optional, you do not have to use them. But to get pie-charts telling you what is happening with your money, you should use them. Need at least one level of categories. For example, food. Divide food into subcategories may be needed if you want a detailed chart for food.


    We will try to correct all errors reported by you. Moreover, we also give you free email support. The only requirement is to describe the problem in the Review on the Mac App Store and send us an email on this.


    I hope you'll find this App useful. If you have any comments helping to deploy updates please write on apps(at)dag.pl

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