Use Baby Growth Charts to monitor growth for infants and children ages 0 to 20 years.





Main features

• Baby Growth Charts is loaded with several thousand measurements to track your children growth. We used data published by Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, http://www.cdc.gov/growthcharts/

• Baby Growth Charts is not just a drawing tool, it compares the measurements to it's internal database of a child's length/height and weight. If the measurements are not within the normal range it will display an alert and inform you of the irregularity.

• You can enter measurements in either imperial/US system or metric. Baby Growth Charts will take care for necessary conversions.

• You can create up to six children at once.

• Unlimited number of measurements. We recommend to measure your child at least once a month.

• Baby Growth Charts is easy to use. We did this app for parents not for doctors.

• Baby Growth Charts is written by professionals. One of authors wrote a thesis on the changes of weight and stature of children .




Racial-Ethnic Considerations

Children of all major racial-ethnic groups appear to have similar growth potential. Regardless of racial-ethnic status, children provided with good nutrition, access to health care, and good social and general living conditions have similar growth patterns.




How to use

• After first look at the program, remove demo data using Admin menu.

• At first step create profiles for all your children. Use menu File>Children. Alternatively you can create profiles during first measurement entry.

• Enter birth measurements - length/height and weight - as first data. Use date of birth or enter age in of months. You can either use metric or imperial/US system. All data will be converted and stored in metric system, as it is in CDC data.

• After couple of measurements were entered then view the graph. Choose child and press 'Show Percentile' button.




Note that CDC refers to height as 'Stature'.

Note also there is English version only.


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