FileCat Lite




Helpful Informations

After some easy work with the App, you will have instant access to search your electronic library without looking on the shelf.

This App is intended to catalog all files and backups you are storing on CD's and DVD's. You can use other kind of volumes, such as pendrives, external hard -drives etc. But then you have take into account that these volumes are read-write. That mean if you will write into these volumes later the content of the database become outdated.
When your database will grow enough, you will able to search through yor files.




Collecting Volumes

Insert your CD or DVD into the drive, wait untill it mounts. If you use different media, take care to mount them properly.
Then choose menu File and use option Scan new volume. You can select the volume with pop-up menu. Do not select mounted images - it won't work. You can freely choose any other volume (even network folder including Windows one).

You can see two options (checkboxes):

  • First option is to store preview (thumbnails) of JPEG files, it will help you to identify files later.
  • Second option is intended for future use. It pushes App to collect metadata of media files. I.e. it can contain artist, genre or other info visible in iTunes when talking about mp3 files. This version cannot use this data, however future version (not lite) will display these informations. Probably metadata tags will be searchable.


At the end of volume reading process You will be asked for 2 things.

  • To give volume name to be stored into database. App will suggest you actual name visible in Finder.
  • To label your volume with the unique number generated by App. Just use waterproof marker or sticker.

Searching for files

You can search your files by browsing Volumes located at Catalogs menu. If you double click on particular volume, you can see it's content. However most sophisticated queries you can do within Files menu located also at Catalogs.
You will see a list of all your files and there are useful query tools on the upper side of window. There is a simple query field byt also much more complicated query editor. Using Add line and And or Or operators you can create multiconditional queries.


I hope you'll find this App useful. If you have any comments helping to deploy updates please write on filecat(at)

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