Home/Work Internet total control.







The HomeworkFirst main task is to easily manage Internet access for kids ... and/or employees .

You can: - turn off/on Internet access for all users (all devices), or for every single device separately .


HomeworkFirst is designed for managing MikroTik Routers only! They have very powerful capabilities, You can purchase one anywhere starting from $21.95 (hAP lite model). Just enter "Mikrotik hAP" in your web browser. Consider other models, HomeworkFirst manage them all.


HomeworkFirst at a glance


  • No need any installation on managed devices
  • Auto scans for active devices, new added etc.
  • Vendor's database built in so you can easily recognize scanned devices
  • Devices database - give them familiar names
  • You can manage your router from WAN (anywhere you are).





    Helpful Informations




    • You can edit your router/login/password at iPhone Settings.
    • To manage your network from outside home/company use your router EXTERNAL ip address. This given by your ISP.

    Design downloaded from free website templates.